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Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual new firmware

Knowing PIX4D does not support zoom capable cameras, will the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual still be working as DJI introduced a zoom capability to the camera in the latest firmware?


We have some users processing zoom cameras using an XML file, and we want to add more cameras to the database, but as you know, 1 of these cameras can have many zoom levels. Therefore they should be treated as different cameras.

If you have a good dataset for zoom cameras, meaning:

• Enough images (100 - 300 images).
• Nonplanar scene (not all objects having the same height)
• High overlap and rich texture.
• Several grid flights (at different heights)
• If possible, with GCPs

and a second dataset taken on a flat area. You can send them to us, so we can add them to our database.

While we add more cameras to our database, you can use the XML file as a workaround: How to generate an XML file to process an unsupported camera in Pix4Dreact – Support

For this particular case, we have this FC2403_4.5_4056x3040 in our database. Is it possible for you to capture the dataset in this resolution?

Also, a user shared this file with us FC2403_4.5_4056x2280.xml (975 Bytes) you can import it to Pix4Dreact, as we explain in the article How to generate an XML file to process an unsupported camera in Pix4Dreact – Support, and then process the images.

Let us know about your results.


I am a novice M2 Enterprise Dual user. Every time I import my pics from the internal storage it comes out at 640x480 resolution, and Pix4D won’t open them. It just says camera not supported although I have used the files above in the camera parameters file.
Any M2 Dual pilots want to share the secret that I am missing to import higher resolution images?

Can you please send us 5 images of your dataset?

Thanks for the quick response.

I think my biggest issue was a fouled memory card. I have a new one and it seems to be working better. I need a few more attempts to replicate my previous successes before I’m confident to move it into our SAR ops. One workaround I did do was a direct download out of the M2ED to Pix4D that worked fine. I’ll let you know.

I do still have some issues with using similar images taken from my DJI Spark. I’ve used Pix4DCapture (free flight) and Flightplan to capture images but they still won’t work. I’m doing a few more test runs today and will let you the outcome of that. If I need to start a new thread somewhere for the Spark issue, please let me know.

Hi dwfrisby,
Can you send us 5 images taken from your DJI Spark? I can generate the required XML file so that you can process imagery taken from this drone.

Thanks for the assistance. I had tried using the xml file for the FC1102 camera but perhaps I missed something.

Hi dwfrisby,
Can you try uploading your photos to the link below? The photos you uploaded did not have any geotags associated with them. Please make sure you take the photos directly from the sd card to the OneDrive link.

I’ve upload the files.
When I download them to the computer and right click and select “properties” i see the geo info.

Try this file. However I am not 100% sure the Spark will process very well. This aircraft rounds the geotag to the nearest second. So the locations of the images are not well placed and may place them all on top of each other. (614 Bytes)

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