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Support for Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced M2EA

I would like to use the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced with Px4Dreact. I need only the Optical RGB camera running with no digital zoom. I don’t know the technical aspects well enough to create my own file.
Thank you

Hi Thomas,

Please use try with this XML file:

MAVIC2-ENTERPRISE-ADVANCED_4.5_8000x6000.xml (1.3 KB)

If it does not work, can you share your dataset with us?


I need camera parameters for thermal camera. Have?

I don’t - M300 wide and M2EA Optical only

Hi @tvant,

At the moment PIX4Dreact does not support thermal images. But I would like to have a look at the dataset to see what can be done in the future. Could you please share some images with us?