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Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Thermal Pix4D Proceso

Se incluirá en alguna actualización de Pix4D Mapper , en la base de datos de las cámaras , la cámara Thermal del Mavic 2 enterprise advanced ? 640x512

Ya se sabe que viene Geo Etiquetadas

Hello @ariel.contreras.piza,
The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced thermal camera is not in our database. However, Pix4Dmapper is drone agnostic, meaning you should be able to process any image obtained from the drone.

Although Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced thermal is a radiometric corrected thermal camera, the image EXIF format is not the same as the other thermal images rjpeg format which is why Pix4D is not able to use the FLIR SDK for conversion to tif and use them to produce thermal maps with temperature values. So, you can only generate thermal maps for visualization.

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Crees que puedan integrara el SKD disponible en DJI Download center para integrarlo en una futura actualización de pix4d mapper?

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced thermal processes very well for me compared with the duel. Although at the moment the radiometric value is way off unfortunately reporting 35 - 191c :smile:

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