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Matrice 600 doesn't know whether to capture images "fast" or "safe"

I flew a mapping mission (double grid) over a small sand quarry today with my Matrice 600 Pro and standard X3 camera. Weather: overcast, no wind. Altitude: 25 meters. Capture mode: fast. Flying speed: max. White balance: cloudy. Newest iOS version installed.

Two observations:

  • Max speed was not what I thought it would be… it didn’t go faster than 3 m/s. I actually saw a turtle on the ground going faster…
  • When flying the first half of the double grid, it captured nicely according to the “fast” way, so no stopping for taking pictures. Then, when it commenced the second part, flying perpendicularly on the first tracks, it decided to stop for each picture all of a sudden. This was unacceptable, as it was already not going faster than 3 m/s…
  • I tried a second double grid mission, but a smaller one, right over a stockpile of sand… guess what? Now it started in “safe” capture mode and after 2 or 3 legs, just went back to “fast” mode again…
  • Tapping on the camera button in the top right hand corner gave me a black screen, which got me worried that it wasn’t capturing anything. It did fortunately, but I couldn’t tell…

I never selected safe mode of course… so what could be the problem here?


Nobody from Pix4D customer support who can explain this?

Hi Jan,

we discussed the issue you are facing with our testers and it is something that is very unusual and we are not aware of. It could be something drone related. Did you experience any issues when using it with DJI GO app?

Could you please send us the .log file in order to investigate further? You can upload it here


We had a look at the .log file and apparently there is an issue with the double grid mission. 

Currently we are working on it and the issue should be resolved with the next release. Make sure to follow technical release notes in order to be updated about the latest improvements and bug fixes.


I have been having this issue with my phantom 4 for about a month now as well. Inonly ever do doublegrid missions and it always does it on the same one leg of every flight. Very annoying.

The next release will probably happen on Monday, so very soon :). Sorry for the inconvenience.