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Phantom 4 Pro (P4P) slow spin on grid mission

P4 Pro was yawing slowly during a grid mission, did not seem to do it in a double grid mission, flight settings were set to SLOW speed, the double grid was at normal speed (camera couldnt keep up) would like to see more options for speeds. 

any thoughts?

Do you mean the drone stops to shoot? Could you check the Picture trigger mode (Safe vs. Fast) in the flight settings?

no i put in it fast mode and the drone spins(rotates) on the yaw axis slowly as it flys 

Rotation of the drone is expected when flying a mission, the drone’s heading changes from one line to the other. Would you like to have an option to fly the drone slower or faster? You could perhaps try the Safe option to slow the drone when capturing images.

We have the same problem with Pix4D Capture.  While mapping a golf course, the M100 will start to rotate (yaw).  I pause the mission, then resume.  The mission uploads and the M100 returns to the mission.  a few mins later to rotation returns.  Pause, Resume, mission uploads and goes back to mission.  The rotation returns sooner.  After the 5th time mission aborted.  Seams like a software bug.


Hello, Florida Drone supply,

Can you specify if you are using the Android or the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture?

It seems that you are bumping a known issue of our application. Indeed similar behavior has been reported on this thread and this threadfor a few different configurations. It seems that the issue is not happening using the Android version of Pix4Dcapture as a user reported. The root cause of this issue has not been found yet and may come from the DJI SDK.

However, I would suggest you to go all along our guide to troubleshoot Pix4Dcapture hereto be sure that it is the root cause.
It the issue persists, I would suggest to:

  • Perform a gimbal yaw reset using the drone manufacturer app. Go to Gimbal Settings > Advanced Settings > Gimbal Yaw Reset.
  • Calibrate the compass might also improve the behavior observed.