Phantom 4 Double Grid Mission rotation at end of line

Hi Yesterday I set up a grid mission with my Phantom 4. All fine planning the mission but once the mission had started the drone was doing some strange maneuvers, as listed below.

As it was nearing the end of a run it would start to spin, normally the drone comes to the end of the run, stops then turns.

The first time I noticed this spinning I ended the mission and brought the drone back, I did however have to correct its landing position as it was a little way off, 6 meters approx but from what I have read this is an acceptable distance.

I relaunched the mission thinking it was maybe just a one off but the drone did exactly the same ( spinning towards the end of a run). I let the drone continue with the mission but kept an extra careful eye on it the whole time.

Is this normal as I’ve never notice this in all the time I’ve been using Pix4Dcapture which is probably about a year now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Gary,

The issues you experienced are not expected and I would recommend you to first to proceed with basic checks: This article helps users to troubleshoot app issues in most cases.

Another user reported a similar issue, DJI Matrice 200 Pix4DCapture iOS11.0.2 Circling at the end of Grid Lines During Flight Mission, which was in the end resolved by upgrading the firmware of the drone and the version of the device,

I would also recommend you to double check if the sensors on the drone are working optimally by performing all the necessary calibrations in DJI GO 4 app.