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DJI Matrice 200 Pix4DCapture iOS11.0.2 Circling at the end of Grid Lines During Flight Mission


I’m very new to the Matrice and Pix4D. I’ve done a handful of flights with the Matrice and Pix4D before today. Today I was flying several different grids over the same project area for practice. The problem I ran into was during a grid mission the drone would stop at the end of the long grid lines and just fly in circles (see attached image for flight path). The only way to “break” the drone free was to pause the mission, and then have it resume again. It did this for every grid mission I flew today.

Other things that may be contributing to this problem is: the Matrice was in need of a firmware update, the iPad also needed a software update. 

I have flown grid missions with this exact same set-up before and never had this problem, which made me think it might be a Pix4D bug. 

I will be flying other grid missions later this week. I will update this post if I have the same problem or not. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated. 


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Just wanted to update to this post. It appears that I just needed to do a firmware update on the Matrice and iPad. Flew several grid missions today without incident. 

Hi Maria,

Thank you for sharing the case. I am glad that the issue was solved by updating the firmware of the drone and the version of the device.

If you encounter some additional issues we recommend to proceed with basic checks: This article helps users to troubleshoot app issues in most cases.