Manually Insert Grip Point

Hi folks,

Does anyone know if there’s a way to manually insert grid points to create a more densely defined TIN surface at key areas? I’m trying to model a sidewalk at a building edge, and some of the round building faces are causing gaps created by the set grid.

I created a polyline to define the back of sidewalk and set it as a breakline for the TIN creation, and this has worked will where there are points on the wall (left side of image), but there are areas where the grid didn’t create a point on the wall and then there’s just a gap (right side of image). It would be great if I could manually place a grid point or two to fill in these gaps.

Is this a feature that’s currently available?


Hi Jackson,

You can’t manually create a grid point, but you can put anything you like into a terrain layer. So, you could create a layer like “Grid additions”, set as terrain, and then add any points that you need in there, and they’ll be treated like members of the grid layer. You also can delete grid points, I might do that for the rightmost grid point in your image - it looks like it might be on the wall.

I hope that helps!