Grid of Points

Would it be possible to be able to select the orientation of the regular grid? Being able to orientate the grid would allow for cleaner edges being formed by the tin within a subject area.

Being able to generate a tin with multiple sets of grid points (eg. 0.01m grid for complex areas and 10m grid for simple areas) would be beneficial as I have found that the smart grid does not always generate a grid of points (TIN) that accurately represents the ground.

Being able to select a singular point to add the the grid off points would also be beneficial when accuracy modelling the ground. I understand that a vector terrain layer basically already does this.

Lastly, I believe a massive help would be being able to export an elevation label that is attached to the respected point in the grid of points, as spot elevations are nearly always shown on topographic survey plans.

Hello @surveying, Thank you for the feature request. I would also recommend you to click on the vote so that the product manager can see how many people are requesting this feature.