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We are working with ground surfaces that we want to add breakline’s to for the purpose of generating a more accurate point cloud when exporting at lower spacing intervals. Is anyone doing this, and if so how, what with etc? Currently thinking we will need to export to another software and generate from there. The final output we are after is a bare earth tin.

Christchurch NZ, I’m guessing? Beautiful city. 



Anyways - The easiest way I’ve found for generating breaklines is Carlson Point cloud software, which can handle up to 1gb point clouds. I typically create breaklines with the RGB cloud before stripping to bare earth and creating a grid, followed by a tin in autocad. 


Check out “Virtual Surveyor”. Makes creation of breaklines etc really easy. You can also rent it if you don’t need it full time.


Seems I can’t edit my post above. 

I noticed a typo -  Carlson can handle point clouds up to 1bil points (not up to 1gb). 


I’ve pulled in .las files over 8gb. 

Cheers for the info, will check out the software