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Polylines off after reopening

After creating polylines for break lines, when I close the project and re-open, all polylines are 2-3 feet higher than the point cloud. Never had that happened before. Anyone had similar issue?

Hi Krystian,
In Pix4Dmapper you can create polylines but cannot create break lines.
Usually, polylines are only used for digitization and measurements.
May I ask if you processed after adding the lines or what steps you followed? Could you provide us with a video highlighting the issue?

Hi there,
My usual process is creating poly lines for my break lines, since when I export them as dxf, they come in the format of 3d polyline, which is perfect for creating civil3d surface. It has worked great until my current project, that seems to have some issues. It computed great, so I went with it, until I discovered 3’ of horizontal shift. Could it have something to do with the Geoid file? I think that is the only setting I changed for this project.

Just to clarify. I’ve looked at my previous projects, and they were all processed using EGM 96 geoid, I guess the default one, and didn’t have the problems before. This project is using EGM 2008 geoid. I guess there is no need to change the geoid settings, and just leave it alone with EGM 96 setting. Do you have any suggestions?

We would need more details to provide assistance in the most efficient way.

Just to be sure can you confirm that you saved the project after creating the polylines?
Can you tell us which are the steps you followed? Did you process all three steps?
At which point did you start drawing the polyline? Did you process all the steps you needed before drawing polylines? Did you process any steps after drawing polylines?

One more thing that would be really helpful for us is to provide us :
▸ The quality report (.pdf format): …\project_name\1_initial\report\project_name_report.pdf