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Local Processing and merging 24 flights with Micasense RedEdge

Hi, I´m processing 24 different flight in individual processes. Captures where made with micasense rededge. I need to merge all this process in only one and then upload it to micasense. No problem with the first 15, now it crashes after I select the data set to process and Pix4d freezes and a message appears indicating that pix4d has stop working and it will be closed.

Any help on this item?

>After solving this: Do I need to generate de reflectance maps in each process, save and then merge, or merge and then generate maps,

I7 7700HQ, 24GB Ram, Geforce GTX

Hey Franco,

To reply to your second question:

The outputs should be generated after merging.

In regards with the freezing: How many pictures do you have in total and what is their pixel resolution? Could you post here a screenshot of the log file that shows the error message (if any)?