problem to obtain a mosaic using micasense rededge-p

Hi, I’m a new user of pix4d. I’m using the micasense rededge-p to imaging a little area (10mx 5m aprox.). I’m not using a dron, I’ve placed the camera in a catterpillar vehicle, and from 10m heigth I take photos. Taking two phots I can cover all the area and with a big overlay between photos.
Because the manul shooting using the wifi interface didn’t indicate a succesful photography, I’ve take several photos en each one of both positions.

When I tried to procese the images in pix4d, it indicates that it was not possible to create the mosaic. Only once I could, and the mosaic was obtained with the preview method, with importan distortions.

How could I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @pix4prueba1, The workflow you are using to capture the images is the reason for the unsuccessful processing or the distortion in the reflectance map. Suppose you want to try capturing the images with the help of a caterpillar. I would recommend you to move the caterpillar in the linear line and capture the images with 90% overlap. As your plot is 10m in length, starting at the one end, capture images in every 2 m shift of the caterpillar.
However, if it is the output plot, I would highly recommend using the drone and capturing images with 80% front and 80% side overlap.

Thanks Kapil, but two set of pictures (each set includes 6 bands photographs) is enough to cover our area, and with a high overlap. Apparently pix4d is not so good managing few pictures (two in this case). I tried to use the manual processing for micasenese red edge p, but currently I have a lot of execution errors. Do you know if is there a virtual machine or docker whith this scripts and conda environment correctly setted?


Hello @pix4prueba1, I am not sure about the last part of your questions. If you have a problem with PIX4Dmapper, I believe it is due to the overlap or it has to do something with the quality of the images.