Capturing images Manually by MicaSense Rededge MX

This is Md Asrakul Haque. I am currently working on a Ground based sensor project where I am taking multispectral images with a very low altitude (1.8 m ) via Micasense attaching with a rail based structure instead of using Drone. But I am facing several problems like “No Path Reference” , " No Calibrated image" and so on. Moreover I had to capture images plot by plot with a series of flight. Although Frontal overlapping was more than 75%, but being covered by a straight flight, no sidewise overlap occurred laterally. Now I urge your precious guidance on enhancing the further precedings .
Thank you so much


I guess you are processing in PIX4Dmapper? This post should go there then, will move it afterward.
The error you are receiving it’s expected when there is low overlap. Besides your “flight” is too low. I would increase frontlap to nearly 90% and try again. If not successful, let’s see if someone else has another opinion.