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Flight mission uploading error

Recently, I created a micasense mount for inspire 2 . Sucessfull i have done my experiment. But the issue is i want to capture RGB with Multispectral imager. And micasense don’t have a RGB Band. Inspire 2 is not behave good, if i have to go,to start micasense application and Pix4d capture together. So anyone can tell me,how can i capture multispectral and RGB image in a single flight.

Hi Ajjawal,

Your custom setup sounds interesting.  I’m afraid that the Pix4Dcapture application is not configured to operate 3rd party hardware mounted to DJI drones.  You may have more success with a Matrice platform that is more designed for customization and the DJI SDK.  Pix4Dcapture is currently configured to support RGB and Multispectral data with the Parrot Sequoia mounted in a Bluegrass or Disco-Pro AG UAV.  

Best Wishes,

Aaron Woods