Inspire 1 & Micasense Red Edge M - Camera status unknown

Hi there,
I updated from Parrot Bluegrass to an Inspire 1 with Micasense RedEdge M and continue to get the error ? camera status unknown ? Drone storage status unknown on the drone takeoff checklist. I cannot find for the life of me where I can assign the camera to the drone. When selecting Inspire 1, it gives me no option or cameras. I have updated everything to the latest firmware, downloaded the DJI CTRL beta app as I run Android 12. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software with no luck.
Please help!

Hello @corey, Micasense RedEdge is not directly supported with the PIX4Dcapture app when you are using Inspire 1. So, the camera status and storage status are expected to be unknown. However, the status of the drone should be connected and then you should be able to take off. To capture the images, you have to use the setting on the Micasense camera to automatically trigger the images based on the time or the overlap.

Hi Kapil, Unfortunately I cannot get it to take off. The resolve issues tab remains with nothing else holding it back.

Hello @corey, Looks like you need to connect the drone camera, and then you will be able to fly. We have the option to add the custom camera in the iOS version of PIX4Dcapture which might be useful to you. This is not available on the android version of PIX4Dcapture.