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Linear curvy flight path

Is it possible to fly a mission to follow a corridor along a curvy pathway such as power lines, roadways or trails?  We currently own a drone not supported by your app, but plan to purchase one in the near future.  I was playing around with the app on my android tablet and could only specify rectangular shaped areas of interest.

I was not able to use free fly mode as I do not have a drone connected.  What I would like to do is create a path along a curvy corridor and specify the width for an area of interest.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your feedback. However, this feature is not implemented at the moment. We are planning to support polygonal shape missions (which would allow you to achieve what you are looking for), but this is a longer term goal. At the moment, it is possible to do grid flights, free flight and circular missions. 

Best regards,

Is there any news on that subject?

We have the same problem. We have roads and rivers to investigate. Therefore it would be easier to have an automated flight path than to fly it with a free mission.

Thanks Rainer


Hi Rainer,

Automated flight for roads and rivers is a very useful feature that we are considering.
We reported your need to our product manager to give more weight to this functionality.


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Hi guys. Any update or plans to implement a linear flight plan ?
Glad i found this thread. The new polygonal mission does not meet the requirement.
We need a mission path that goes out to a point.

Hi Cesar,

What do yo mean exactly by linear flight? Can the simple grid mission not be a solution if you fly two tracks?

Yes, but it is a pretty clunky workaround. Also, is the trench of corridor is not a single line, then you have to fly multiple missions.

The way i would expect my suggestion to work would be that you allow for a LINE to be defines by points you pick on the screen (look at any waypoint offering) and you are given options to add an additional path on either side of the center lines. When the UAS gets to the end of the waypoint line, it will turn around (180 deg?) and return along the same path or any of the additionally defined paths.




I better see the need now :). This makes sense to me, I will report it to our app product manager for review.
Thank you Cesar.