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Capture double grid long narrow road


I need to capture long narrow roads … say 1000 meters long and 25 meters wide … i want t fly this in a single mission with my Inspire 2 … the apps keeps telling me the grid is to big … 

What can we do about this ?

Rik Bijl

Euro Drone Inspections bv

Use a fixed wing system maybe…

The I2 doesn’t have the fuel load to do your project in one flight!


I can do this with the I2 only the App wont allow me to …

When will the IOS App will support Battery renew and continue mission … just like DroneDeply does ?


@Rik - You can check the latest news on that topic here: (iOS) Multi-battery flight / resume option


Hi Rik,

A workable solution would be to change the sidelap parameter to something like 90% (use 90% and if this works try 80% until it doesn’t work then use the last value that did work). This should therefore mean that the flight lines would be close together and fitting within your corridor width. You might not need to fly the 2 lines, ie abort the mission and RTH at the end of the 1st line, but if you did capture the 2 lines you should be able to create an orthomosaic of the corridor, therefore marking a single photomap that covers the entire corridor.

Hope this helps!


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G’day Rik

Very doable with the I2 and I would suggest researching the linear function in Map Pilot (iOS).

Best of Luck