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Road Survey with Pix4Dcapture


I have created several maps with Pix4Dcapture and they were successful! Now I have a project, where I need to create a map of a road with offset of approximately 10 m. How do you recommend me to do it? I have access to iOS and Android versions of the app, as I know only iOS has Polygon feature, with which I could draw along the road. Is it enough to draw Polygon along the road and to have Back and Forth flight (I mean two flight lines), or do i need to make a GRID BASES plan (But as you know it will take a lot of time for drone to fly a long path with GRID BASES plan)?



G’day Lado

My suggestion would be the use of Map Pilot on iOS. The app runs out at $15 AUD with the linear capture function costing another $31 AUD. Once enabled you simply create a line down the centre of the road and select your usual overlaps and how many parallel lines you wish to run. We have used this on multiple occasions for highway capture and we are about to do another 5km stretch on Monday. 



Hello Paul!

Thank for your suggestion. Unfortunate or not, I only have Android based devices :frowning: So I can not use Map Pilot app :frowning: That is why I asked Pix4D team to give me any suggestion with their app.


Hi Lado, 

For corridor mapping, we recommend to have at least two flight lines as shown here: 

If you have Pix4Dcapture on Android you could use the Project List to define several rectangular flights with overlap between each other to cover the entire area. Here is an article on how to use the Project List:

Hope this helps!

Amazing. can I get a sample project, I am working on a TEST project. also guide me for a rail corridor.

Hi Pritpal,

Unfortunately we do not have a corridor project as example to share with you.

But you can find other projects right here:

Sorry about that.