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Curved non traditional (nonlinear/non-parallel) flight lines

Do you have plans to provide curved, nontraditional (nonlinear/non-parallel) flight lines via your Capture app?

Hi James,

could you give us some examples of the flight plans you have in mind so we can better understand the request? For what kind of applications and projects would you use this kind of missions?


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Look on Amazon ebooks for “Gently Curved, Convergent, Non-traditional Drone Flight Lines” as a way to mitigate the systematic SfM doming effect error.

As illustrated in the eBook, the curved flight lines can the used to capture imagery for areas (large & small) as well as long narrow corridors.

i’ll send In examples for very large, irregular open pit mine, a municipal airport, and an electric power transmission corridor.

Here are a couple of examples for using the curved flight lines.  The first is for a municipal airport (Bessemer Airport/Bessemer, AL).

The second example is for a long narrow corridor - electric power transmission corridor.


Other examples will follow.

Below is an illustration of the Bessemer Airport flight lines displayed using CartoMobile app on an iPad.

The eccentricity of the curved flight lines can be changed to fit the situation (geography), cameras, direct geo-referencing equipment used, pilot preferences, etc.

Very interesting concept! 

At the moment we are not considering implementing curved flight lines, but rest assured that I have forwarded your message to the project management team in order to evaluate it. 

Did you manage to process the image data set acquired with the curved flight lines? Did you see any improvements in comparison with the grid flight plans?

Could you share concrete datasets or quality reports with us?