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Pix4Dcapture linear flight plan

Is there a way to plan a linear flight using just a start and end point, that would allow the user to input the gimbal direction, camera angle and interval of the pictures being taken such as every so many feet?  I am needing to fly parallel along a vertical object at an offset.  An example would be flying parallel a fence line that is infinitely long at an offset of say 50 feet and taking a picture of that fence every 100 feet.  The pictures would be perpendicular to the flight path.

You could try to select a grid flight and make a narrow and long box, which would approximate a linear flight plan (you would be able to select the same settings as usually). Note that in general it is better to do at least two lines to have a better reconstruction:

That should work for the flight path, but I am not seeing a way to rotate the camera from parallel with the flight path to perpendicular to the flight path.  In the instance above, fly the path to the east but the camera would take pictures looking north.

If we understand your question correctly, you would need the camera to pan (rotation in a plan that is parallel to the ground)? Currently DJI only allows the drone’s camera to tilt from the horizontal to the vertical position. As the drone moves forward (heading in the direction of the flight), all images are perpendicular to the flight track.

That is correct.  I am interested in the camera panning 90 degrees to the left or right of the flight path and taking the pictures at a predetermined distance or time.  

Hi Jason,

The SDK (programming tools to communicate with the drone) does not allow camera panning so it is not possible to implement this feature.