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Linear Flight

I have read a lot of posts regarding image acquisition in a vertical to the flight mode especially when it comes to building facades.

I wonder if

  1. A flight plan in which the UAV is moving sideways along a route parallel to the targeted faced and having the camera at an oblique position is possible

  2. If so how can we adjust the timer to take pictures in a predetermined interval of time in regard to the speed of the UAV as to achieve the needed overlap



Hi sarantopoulos.d  

thank you for sharing a detailed description of your concerns.

  1. Using Pix4Dcapture, by default the drone will always look and move forward along the flight lines established while planning the mission. However it possible in Advanced settings to activate an interesting option called look at the grid’s center. In this case, the drone will always face the center of the grid you planned. 

  2. Pix4Dcapture automatically calculates the appropriate camera trigger interval and the drone speed based on the mission’s parameters, including camera specifications, desired overlap, flight height…

Different methods and flight plans which are explained in this post can be used to reconstruct building facades.

From your questions, I suggest you to try a simple grid mission with an oblique camera angle and the drone facing the center of the grid (the center of the grid in your case being the building facade):

  • In the Home screen, tap Settings 
  • In Settings ,**   choose the desired  angle of the camera**
  • In _Settings, _tap  advanced tab  and select Yes for the  Look at the grid’s center  option.


Thank you very much for the immediate response

I will try the methodology you proposed and supply you with feedback on it


Best Regards