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Progress report flight feature on Pix4Dcapture

Hi Forum, Does Pix4DCapture have the feature of “Progress Report flight” (as  seen in DroneDeploy new feature ) as to be able to track Construction Progress , where the drone flies around a given Point of Interest and the camera shows its pointing field-of-view and  takes sample images in the direction of the POI (such as a building) and automatically uploads them to the cloud and generates a Report ?

Hi Dave,

We do not have such feature implemented in Pix4Dcapture.

Currently, there are three different flight plans that you can use to have an optimal 3D reconstruction of the object.

  • Circular mission.
  • Double Grid mission using a tilting angle.
  • Grid mission and selecting Center in the Settings for Face parameter (Android). This setting can be found just below the overlap percentage selection. On iOS, this mode is called Look at Grid’s center and can be found in Settings > Advanced.
    The Look at the Grid’s center or Center parameter will enable you to fly a Grid mission with the camera always looking at you POI.

You can have a look at which type of mission to choose article on our Knowledge Base here

You won’t be able to see the Field-Of-View of the camera for each picture and have a report generated but you can follow the usual workflow under Pix4Dcapture:

  • Once the acquisition is finished, download the pictures on the mobile device.
  • Once downloaded, you can see each picture individually for inspection.
  • Then you can upload them to the Cloud straight from Pix4Dcapture and get several outputs like a 3D model or else that you can share or analyze. A license is needed though so I can suggest you to have a look at our different products on our website to see if one is fitting your needs and contact our sale team if interested.