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9000' Corridor Flight Planning and GCP's

Hello PIX4D Community

After reviewing forum posts and the knowledge base I still have some specific questions.

I will be flying a DJI Phantom 4 for a purpose of completing a survey. It’s a 9000 foot long dirt channel that is approximately 140 foot wide and 40 foot deep on average and almost completely straight. I’m considering a flight altitude of 100 foot. 

  1. Is there any advantage of flying a non linear zig zag flight path across the channel or will 2-3 linear flight paths down the length be just as good?

  2. Does  45 degree oblique photos help only in 3D model construction or can they help in point cloud creation? Would you fly obliques on this job?

  3. GCP’s, will the standard 8-10 be sufficient for a project over 9000 foot? I’m guessing this project will be collected in 4-6 flights and unless told otherwise I will process the entire job at once.

Any thoughts on GCP locations? Some on the high parts of the channel and some on the low side? Scattered across the length of the channel?

  1. Will processing this job all at one time in PIX4D be ok or should it be broken up and then later combined? I use PIX4DmapperPro.


Thank you all in advance for your time and effort.


1…Linear will get best result, recommend 3 lines per mission or more depending on GSD requirements.

2…Obliques maybe needed if the the sides are very steep angles.

3…GPC’s will be needed but what the minimum number of GPC to get best results is unknown. Sorry!

4…We imaged a mile long canal in 4 mission and processed as a single job but you may get better results if processed separately.

Just my 2 cents, sorry!