Corridor Processing Assistance Needed

I recently completed mapping approximately 16 miles of pipeline corridor.  Flights were performed with a Microdrones MD4-1000DG.  Images were captured with a Sony RX1R2 Camera.  This unit utilized an Applainx IMU/GNSS board, that when post processed should allow for approximately 2cm Horizontal and 5cm Vertical Accuracy and Orientations of images.  Post Processing appears to have been smooth with no GNSS/IMU quality issues.

Camera has been calibrated correctly, and 45 GCPs were used for this project.

However, upon processing the corridors in Pix4d, all have failed in its reconstruction.  Missions were flown at 80% front lap, and 60% sidelap at 85m AGL.

Anyone have advise on specific settings I should be using for corridors?  I have processed 50+ projects in grid based, and smaller corridors, but nothing has been as frustrating as this project.  Any help would be appreciated.



I am assuming that you flew the pipeline with only 2 passes and that Pix4D does does have the calibrated  parameters for your camera and lens setup. Even though you have great overlap, Pix4D is having a problem calculating these unknown parameters of your setup (camera/lens).

 I would suggest flying your quad at your office (or any nearby site) in double grid pattern at the same height you flew the mission at. Overlap should be close to 85% (or more) front and back. Be sure to capture more than 100 pictures. Accurate geotagging is not necessary. 

Follow this to calculate your camera/lens parameters.

After you have completed this re-run your pipeline project making sure the new camera/lens parameters are being used. Hopefully this will solve your problem.

I have to do this with every new camera/lens setup, even if i am only changing focal length of a lens.

I just completed 2 mile pipeline with a Sony RX1RM2 35mm lens on a Microdrones MD4-1000DG. Here are my calculated parameters:

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