Procesing A Bridge over the sea, doesnt give good results.

I did a job to get a mosaic of a bridge over the sea. they are 2.4 km, using a corridor, with a lateral overlap of 75 and a long overlap of 80, with a resolution of 3 cm / px.

But when I process it in Pix4d, in the section over the sea, most of the cameras come out uncalibrated, and full of red crosses.
Which is the best metod in the initial procesing  to do it? or what is the best method to calibrate these cameras? 

PD: sorry about my english.



Hi Roberto. Can you provide a quality report? 

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I try again, can not calibrate the images. =(

 As you can see, it only calibrate the images that are on the land. 

What can I do?


uality Report for the mosaic


Portion of Mosaic

Hello Roberto,

It is a corridor covering a bridge with water around, there is only one strip, there are no control points and I suppose there are no precise geotags.

That is an extreme case. You should fly with at least two strips and add control points along the bridge and, even in that case, some manual measurements will probably be needed.

I hope this information helps you.

PD: your English is good enough but in case your language is Spanish, you can post directly in Spanish in this section of the community.