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Pix4d Calibration problem


In attachment i send my report, i have problem whit some pictures. All the pictures are taken whit drone, 80 m height. Why all the pictures are geolocated but only 263 out of 410 are calibrated. How can i fix this. 

Thank you in advance.

Regard, Šime

Hi Sime,

The images over water didn’t process because Multiray photogrammetry doesn’t work well with images of Water due to the reflective and dynamic nature of water.  It is suggested to not have more than 30% of an image be occupied by water for good key-point generation and tie-point matching…

The other images that didn’t calibrate appear to be related to a breakdown in image overlap due to decreased distance between the UAV and the surface (likely due to changes in Topography/elevation and the presence of tall trees/vegetation)  I would suggest that you increase your flight altitude higher than 80 meters for the areas covered by images not currently calibrating.


Hey Ante,
Try Altervative calibration and 0.5 image scale, you may get more images calibrated.