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Uncalibrated images

 Howdy All,

Had a job over land and water and would like to utilise the uncalibrated water images in their pickup positions as there is no critical info in them but looks better for photo mosaic. Can I include these in the orthophoto or will Pix4d reject as there are no (or very few) tie points?


Hi Mat,

If the camera are not calibrated, Pix4D will not include them in the outputs.

I recommend you this article to understand better the cause of this: Quality Report Help

You can try to get more calibrated cameras using these options:
Menu Process > Processing Options… > 1. Initial Processing > General

  • Reduce the Image Scale.
  • Enable the option “Use Geometrically Verified Matching”. It is adapted for flat homogeneous terrains such as fields where it is difficult to find matches.
  • Select “All Prior
  • If you can, flying at a higher altitude with a 90% overlap would make calibration easier.

A last and painful solution would be to manually calibrate the uncalibrated camera.

Hope this will help you,


Thanks for the feedback,
As I suspected I wouldn’t be able to include easily.
I will have to calibrate manually over small reef sections or reflux at very high altitude
Thanks for the advice