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Uncalibrated cameras

Hello everybody!

I have some problems with the calibraation of some uncalibrated cameras in this stockpile.

The flight is 110 m (360 ft) and the images of the uncalibrated cameras  correspond to gravel. The image quality is good (293 images). I have tryed selecting different options in the proccesing options panel (I’ve tried using “All Prior” in the camera optimization and Remach), but I haven’t obtain to calibrate the cameras succesfully.

Which options in the Step 1 would you recommend?


Thank you very much for your time

Hi Michel,

I recommend you this article to understand better the cause of this: Quality Report Help

In order to get more calibrated camera, I can recommend you the following:
Menu Process > Processing Options… > 1. Initial Processing > General

  • Reduce the Image Scale (1/2 or 1/4). It often improve calibration.
  • Enable the option “Use Geometrically Verified Matching”. It is adapted for flat homogeneous terrains such as fields where it is difficult to find matches.
  • If you can, flying at a higher altitude with a 90% overlap would make calibration easier.

A last and painful solution would be to manually calibrate the uncalibrated camera.

Hope this will help you,


Hi Marco,

I will try you said


Thank you so much

thanks for your suggestion :parrot: