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Image Caliberation error - Uncaliberated images.

I got an error in initial processing. I have run the same mission for two times but the result was different in the initial processing. The count of uncalibrated images was changed in every mission and it looks like the flight roll angel was changed. But there was no issues in the image acquisition process and the properties of the captured images like gimble angle, flight speed was set correct before flying. Due to this the orthomosaic and DSM was generated with holes.

i am not able to identify the issue. so help me regarding this.

Hi Bhaskar,

Looking at the screenshots, I could notice that you are trying to reconstruct flat terrain with homogeneous visual content. 

To ensure to have a high number of calibrated images it is recommended to:

  • Process with 1/2 Keypoints Image Scale: This processing option can lead to a higher number of calibrated images in case the default option (original keypoint image scale) does not calibrate all the images. For more information: 202557759.
  • Increase the overlap  between the images to at least 85% frontal overlap and 70% side overlap.
  • Increase the flight altitude : When flying higher, the images suffer less from perspective distortions and it is easier to detect visual similarities between overlapping images in vegetation areas.

For more details about the flight plan: 202557459.