a section of orthomosaic has been omitted by pix4d vs. dronedeploy

Hi there, 

Pix4D has omitted a section of the project comparing to what could be processed by dronedeploy. 

Could someone help so that the top of section of the missing section can be processed? 

Hi Leslie,

This section has not been processed because uncalibrated cameras are disabled for processing.

I recommend you this article to understand better the cause of this: Quality Report Help

You can try to get more calibrated cameras using these options:
Menu Process > Processing Options… > 1. Initial Processing > General

  • Reduce the Image Scale.
  • Enable the option “Use Geometrically Verified Matching”. It is adapted for flat homogeneous terrains such as fields where it is difficult to find matches.
  • Select “All Prior
  • If you can, flying at a higher altitude with a 90% overlap would make calibration easier.

A last and painful solution would be to manually calibrate the uncalibrated camera.

Hope this will help you,