Gently Curved, Convergent, Non-traditional (non-linear/non-parallel) Drone Flight Paths

A desktop flight planning app is currently in the making for curved flight lines. Output will include kml, csv, and shp files for import into other apps.

The motivation for building this app is to help mitigate the systematic SfM doming/dishing (elevation) error.

This new app should work well for piloted and UAV applications.

For a description of the method used, Google “curved flight paths”.

Hi James,

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Read the white paper James Dow referenced and am very interested to see results from this technique.

Thank you James! and thank you pix4d!

Thanks James

I see this aberration on horizontal planar reproductions but much hard to detect on vertical objects though I suspect it is there as well.

I can learn some interesting things from you sir!

Thanks again!

Gary: I’ve attached some examples for curved flight lines. I hope these are both interesting and informative.