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3 large flights = 3 non-coplanar planes

A demo flight and data collection was performed for us recently (Trinity F90+ 43mp sony camera combo). We processed a large dataset 6000+ images 43mp. 75% overlap on both flight axis.

In Initial processing, we noticed that the 3 flights formed 3 discrete planes. The planes form a “mound” that is coincident in the middle of our flight area. Adding additional GCP and reoptimizing does not seem to have any effect. We have never encountered anything like this before… When we attempt to generate a quality report, Pix4Dmapper crashes.

Any ideas why this would happen?

Hi Dale,
This is a large and somewhat complex project. I would suggest submitting a support ticket since you are valid on your upgrade and support. Someone can help walk you through some of these issues. Please visit:

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