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Limit the size of orthomosaics and index maps


I am working with the Climate FieldView app as a place to store all data related to certain fields. I would like to import GEOTIFF images in Fieldview that I export from Pix4DFields. The problem is that FieldView only accepts documents that are under 500 MB, while most of my maps are between 800MB - 2GB. However, I cannot find any way in Pix4DFields to ensure that the maps I generate will be under a certain size (500MB) before generating these maps. The only thing I can control is the number of MegaPixels or the GSD. As of now, I do trials and error to find which value for these two features gives me a map with a size of about500 MB. However, I would love to be also be able to control the final image size before starting the generation of the orthomosaic map.

Hi overbeek6,

thank you vor your request, this will be solved with our next release, as we will offer adjustable size for exports.