The size limit for the orthomosaic, DSM and NDVI has been increased to 50 GB (Beta)

The processes that are done In order to display the ortho, the DSM, and the vegetation index in the browser have been improved and the software can now handle larger files. The previous limit of 7GB has been increased to 50 GB.

Although it has an impact on all projects, it will especially improve the corridor projects as the ortho and DSM can become huge in those cases.

That means:

  • A project that produces an ortho, DSM or NDVI index up to 50 GB will be processed for visualization
  • An ortho, DSM or NDVI index up to 50 GB can be uploaded from the user interface as a result.

The official supported size is still 7 GB. Files between 7 GB and 50 GB are very likely to work but we cannot guarantee that for now. It is not easy to estimate what the maximum size is as there are many factors that impact the performance. That is why the 50 GB limit should be considered as a beta version that will probably be adjusted over time once the limitations are better known.