Geotiff too large to upload to Pixcloud

I have completed a project in Matic of around 15,000 images and it is producing a geotiff of around 548gb.
I have previously completed a similar sized project on Pixmapper of the same area which produced only a 50gb geotiff full res.
Does anyone know why this is? both at 1cm per pixel

Hi Mick,

Could you share with me the PIX4Dmapper quality report (pdf) and PIX4Dmatic quality report (pdf)?


Hi @mick

Have you used the LWZ compression to export the GeoTIFF in PIX4Dmatic?

Is the DSM as big too, or is it only the Orthomosaic?
Which version of PIX4Dmatic have you used?

The PIX4Dmatic Orthomosaic includes additional information about pyramids that the PIX4Dmapper format doesn’t have. However, the typical size difference we see is about 1.5x bigger, not 10x bigger.

The additional information you provide should help us in the investigation. Thanks!