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Hi there. I seem to be having issues when trying to use Pix4DMatic on different machines. The performance seems to be hit and miss on my desktop so I’ve logged out and have been trying to run on my new laptop. Both are running the latest versions. It keeps reporting however that I am still logged in on my desktop and there is no license available. It’s now an unusable product. Could you assist in some way?

Hi Seamus,

I believe my colleague has solved your support ticket. For visibility to share with people facing the same user, I am going to share the solution to this issue.

This is usually caused by anti-virus software, a firewall, or a local network protected by proxies causing the license not to be detected. A warning like this No license available is displayed. Please ensure PIX4Dmatic is whitelisted and no firewall is blocking PIX4Dmatic.

If a proxy server is used to connect to the Internet, enter the proxy settings following:

  1. Open the Proxy window by clicking Network
  2. There are three options to choose from:
  • No proxy
  • Use System proxy
  • Manual proxy configuration

3. Ask your system/IT administrator which option to choose from the Protocol drop-down list (http,https,Socks4 Socks5,).
If you do not know what to choose, please select Use system proxy.
4. Enter the proxy Host name and Port number. (i.e. the Hostname is usually an organization’s domain, the port number is usually 4-digit but not limited to 4-digit.
5. Enter the proxy Username and Password.
6. Click Done.

You can find this information here as well: Preference settings - PIX4Dmatic

Last but not least, you may need to log out and log in to ensure this new proxy setting is applied after setting it up.

I hope this information helps.

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)

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