Installation issue


I am trying to re-install Pix4d Mapper on a machine that now sits behind a proxy server. All of the help files point me to being able to change the proxy server at the login page however I can’t even get to that page. I get a no license/no internet error immediately on launch.

previously this machine connected straight to the internet and worked without any issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Michael,

Our system shows that your licenses are already used on two different devices. Would you please log out of one of the devices and try it again? If it still doesn’t work, kindly upload the screenshot of the display to investigate the issue.

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Hi Yuka,

This will be because your helpdesk helped me get up and running last week so this is now resolved. The fix was to install a much earlier version of the software which allowed for proxy configuration at the login screen.

Kind regards

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