Latest Nvidia drivers crash stage one

Hi, I’ve run into an issue when now using the latest two sets of graphics drivers for a 3090 (Win 11 64 bit).

It gets to the calibration stage of phase one and then pixmapper just terminates.

I have now rolled back my driver to 517.48 and it works fine, this seems to be the last stable version… tried the new driver released by Nvidia yesterday and this also crashes.

Has pix been able to replicate this?

Hi @Lewis_Steeper,

Can you please share with us the Event logs generated while reproducing the error?

To generate these files:

  1. Start PIX4Dmapper and start processing

  2. Then open the Windows Event Viewer by searching for it in the Windows search

  3. Then follow the steps indicated in the image below to save the log file as .evtx

  4. Kindly send that .evtx file to me to review

Also share with us the exact GPU naming and the versions at which the software is crashing. Is it the Studio version or the Game Ready Driver?



Thanks for the reply - the event file is here (wetransfer link):

Graphics card is: NVIDIA GForce RTX 3090 using the game ready driver.

It crashes on Nvidia: 526.86 (latest) but works on 517.48 and 516.94 and all previous.

two other files which were exported as part of the event viewer.

Hi @Lewis_Steeper ,

Thank you for sharing these files promptly!
I am unable to find any files from the links (Wetransfer) you shared. :frowning:
I see you have a valid license, would you mind sending a support ticket directly? Go to this page and click Get Support in the Technical Support section. From there you can attach all these files. :+1:

Rosana (she/her)

Hi there,

The issue is now fixed with 526.98 version of drivers.

I was having a similar issue with NVIDIA 3080 on new build computer.
Solution for me was to change RAM speed from 4000mhz down to 3200mhz