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Demo doesn't seem to function in 4.6.1

As part of a course we are teaching, we are using the demo project. A few of our students had 4.6.1 installed and a few of us had 4.5.6 installed.

Those with 4.6.1 could not use the demo project and had repeated crashes after running initial processing (Rapid and Full). The processing would finish and a blank quality report would pop up but never load and eventually time out, leading to a crash.

Our only work around was to have those students with 4.6.1 uninstall and re-install the previous version.

Any chance someone could take a look at this? Has anyone else had this issue?


what’s the graphic card of that computers?


Good afternoon,
It occured on 4 different computers with 4 different graphics cards. One of them being mine that I use frequently for Pix4D, which has a NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000.

To be clear, the processing would finish. The quality report would generate and then it would freeze the program and force a crash.

Do you have the latest driver installed, supporting CUDA 9.1?

Yes, like I said above. The issue happened on 4 different computers with 4 different graphics cards and drivers. The issue isn’t with the hardware or its drivers.

Hi Marcio,

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. We informed our team and are investigating the reason why this could be happening. In this case, I recommend what you have been doing, to use Pix4Dmapper released version like Pix4Dmapper 4.5.6.

We will update this thread as soon as we have more information

Hi Fernanda,
Do you have any update?


We are checking into the issue but could not find a solution that would solve the issue 100%.

Some users selected a graphics card as the preferred graphics processor for Pix4Dmapper, and it worked. To do this, please follow the instructions of this article How to set the NVIDIA graphic card to use with Pix4D Desktop Could you please also try this from your side?