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About the use of rtx 2080ti

I changed the computer system to i7-9700K, rtx2080ti.
There is a stop phenomenon that has not happened before.
The pix4d program is terminating automatically.
Any problems reported?
Which file should I send to?
From Korea.





We would need more information about the crash you experience. During which processing step does it occur, for example, Step 1?

Could you upload the quality report, .p4d and  .log  file here?


You sent it.

If you need something else, please ask.
I have not encountered any problems with the i7-5820k, GTX 1080 in the same conditions.
We did not use GCP for testing.

I found the following error event on Windows:
I suspect a problem with the NVIDIA OpenGL Driver.
I am using the latest driver.

A TDR has been detected.
The application must close.

Error code: 7
(pid = 7692 tid = 9508 pix4dmapper.exe 64bit)

Visit for more information.

We are using 2080ti cards with no issues. Are you running the latest Creator Ready Driver? I know we have issues with the gaming ready drivers in the past. 

I am testing everything.
The same symptom (auto shutdown)