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Large Tif File - Mosiac


I have processed a survey I undertook yesterday on an Ebee Ag with a sequoia camera and the RGB image that has been produced is 1.6GB in size, My windows photo viewer won’t open the image as i’m guessing it too large, Is there another way that I can open/view the image on my laptop or has anyone else had an issue like this before and how was it resolved?


Many thanks




Hi there

Why do’t you give Irfanview a go: 


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Hi Jakko

Thank you very much, it worked perfectly

Much appreciated for taking the time to respond

Kind Regards





It seems it can work, but are there any other options?

it seems like this is the only solution, thanks!

Hey Greg,

You can also use QGIS to view large orthomosaics. It is an open source software. 

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