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iPad battery and Pix4Dcapture

I am running Pix4Dcapture on an iPad mini 3 operating a DJI Inspire 1 Pro and DJI Matrice 600 Pro to fly double grid missions. The iPad’s battery lasts for about 45 - 60 mins at warm temperature conditions and 10 - 20 mins at cold conditions.

Does the app consume so much power?

I am searching for a way to charge the iPad’s battery while the controller is connected. Tried a Y-cabel and also the Apple Camera adapter. Both ways only allow the charging but not the connection to the controller.

Any ideas?

Hello @KuschMac,

The iPad’s battery should last for a longer time. The app shouldn’t consume that much power. Can you try to test with other devices such as phone and see if the result is the same. You can’t charge your phone while connecting to the controller. So, it is always a good idea to charge your iPad full before the flight.

Hello @Kapil_Khanal,

Thanks for your reply!

I have already tried with an iPhone. Same power issues there, but not that sensitive at low temperature conditions.

The iPad’s battery lasts way longer when using the DJI Go app, so it appears to me that Pix4D needs more power. I need power for 2 or 3 hours sometimes without making a one-hour-charging-break.

How comes that Pix4Dcapture provides multiple battery double grid missions for iOS only? The pause function is such a big benefit and the loss of power would not be an issue as I’m using Crystalsky (Android) displays with replaceable batteries.