Pix4D Capture Return to Home Function issue

Using Pix4D Capture on DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Apple iPad Mini 4. My Return to Home function is sending my drone home with 60% battery life still remaining. I would prefer that the drone return home a 25% battery life remaining but I cannot find a way to adjust this setting. The DJI Go4 ap is currently set to return at 25% battery life. I use this same setup with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro and there is no problem. Does anyone have a solution?

I believe I resolved this issue with a setting change in the DJI controller settings for the Mavic 2 Pro. Under the battery settings, I toggled off the Smart Return Home function. This helped. The drone doesn’t auto return now until remaining batter power falls below 30%. I still desire a software setting in the Pix4SCapture for this type of change.

Hi @tsmith2007 ,

Thank you for sharing the issue and how you resolve this.

On another note, have you tried PIX4Dcapture Pro to see if this issue also happens there or not?

We had a new release yesterday. If you are interested, feel free to give PIX4Dcapture Pro a try.

Technical release notes (iOS) - PIX4Dcapture Pro
Technical release notes (Android/APK) - PIX4Dcapture Pro

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)

Hello Rosana,
I would love to try PIX4Dcapture Pro whenever my drone job assignment company, Zeitview, adds it as required software. As it stands now, they require that I use the original PIX4DCapture on these assignments and upgrading to the Pro version might cause issues when out on site. However, feel free to sign me up if you would like me to test out the Pro version and provide an unbiased assessment.
Tim Smith