Drone not returning to home after mission.

My mavic2 pro fly’s the mission and just hovers, any particular reason it doesn’t return to home by itself after completing the mission?
iPhone13 pro pix4d capture.

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To ensure a quicker and efficient response, please verify that you provided the following (if applicable).

▸ Operating system.
▸ App version(s), latest recommended.
▸ Drone and camera (if not default).
▸ Drone firmware, latest recommended.
▸ Screenshot(s) of the issue, e.g. Map view, Project view.

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Not quite sure how you are a technical engineer with a response like that.
Would you really like a response to a question like mine with that response,
really, did you even read the question, if so, you wouldn’t have replied with this gibberish.

Hello @wayne, There might be multiple reasons why that might be happening.

  1. If in the settings, you define to hover after the mission is completed in place of returning back.
  2. If the connection is lost between the drone and the remote controller if it isn’t happening every time after the end of the mission.
    If the above cases are not true, I would recommend the troubleshooting article as Heydi recommended to see if that helps to resolve your issue.
    Basic checks and troubleshooting | Popular community posts