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Incremental volumes?

I’m trying to find a way to view the volumes of an empty pit in 1-foot increments, I currently do this in water pits using a boat to scan the volumes and I’m able do see incremental volume amounts in the software I use. Is this possible with Pix4D or any other similar software? I’m stumped after a whole day of on and off googling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s an example of what I currently do with the boat in a pit that is full of water, this pit is 24 feet deed and I’m able to see the volume of water at 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, ect.


Hi Randy,

It is not possible yet to view incremental volumes in Pix4D as shown in your screenshot. For now, the volume calculation feature in Pix4D was thought for measuring existing stockpiles, pits and such, not for simulations.

You could draw multiple base surfaces, adjust the position of the vertices by editing their coordinates, then compute the volumes for all base surfaces, but I cannot image that this would be a satisfying option for you :wink:

I hope other users can help you find a good alternative!

Thanks for your help Rhéa, I’m sure I’ll find a solution soon.