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Pix4d Open Cut Pit Volume Calculations

Hi, I wish to work out the volume (bcm) of material moved to check the clients survey results vs our system (truck&load counting) using Pix4d. I have 3d maps of the pits im interested in, but my questions are "can i create a 3d polygon at the surface (they did the first blast before i had the drone and pix4d) that is no longer there? and can i make volume calculations from the benches above with recorded fly overs from higher RL’s?

Hello Shane,

The volume is computed by applying a base surface on the DSM and project each one of the pixels till a point is reached. Since in your project, there is no DSM (if I understood correctly) in the area you want to calculate the volume, no measurement can be made.
Some screenshots of the project would be extremely helpful to better understand your project and needs.