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Cut and Fill

Hi All,
I’m considering buying a permanent licence to Pix4d, I’ve been using DroneDeploy for the last 12months but its too expensive - I think charging someone $75(US) to use GCPs is overpriced and now they want to slug me $10k/annum for cut and fill functionality. I understand software costs, but I only do two sites every month so its not feasible.

I’d like to mark out stockpiles for volumes - all good with Mapper
I’d like to create a plan view for the owners to inspect - working on that now.
I’d like to calculate the cut out of the pit and the fill of overburden etc into old pits. I see there is some info on that, but is there any other ways people do it here? Eg export a contour dxf and use another program?

Thanks for the help,

Hi Joe,

I use Pix4d to process data then Virtual Surveyor to generate customised volume reports, cut/fill calculations, and plenty more.


Hi Joe,
PIX4Dmapper can calculate a cut and fill. I suggest reading this support article.

PIX4Dmapper can also export a DXF as well as many other file formats that can then be used in 3rd party software.