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how to calculate the volume to fill an old open quarry

I have a question, and I can’t find a reference: With pix4d mapper, I have to calculate how many million cubic meters are needed to fill an open rock quarry. How do you process to calculate an huge empty volume?

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for your question.
The volume calculated by PIX4Dmapper is the volume between your DSM and a base surface.

To calculate the empty volume of a quarry, you need to create a polygon that follows the boundary of your quarry. This polygon will be your base surface. Then, you will need to choose the more appropriate type of base surface, depending on your needs. Make sure you read the fill value.

If you have a Pix4D account, feel free to try this functionality with PIX4Dcloud. The Demos projects contain a quarry.

Open the following link and follow the instructions below

here you can find additional information about volume calculation: