Calculation of the volume of an excavation

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I have a problem that I have already solved using Cloud Compare…but I was wondering if it was possible to calculate the volume of an excavation also within pix4d mapper, since it is already possible to calculate the volumes of the clusters.
Currently I have available the two point clouds of sloping ground (NOT flat) before excavation, and after excavation. The mined land was not hoarded but was taken away (no pileup) . Using Cloud compare I made the difference of the point clouds and I found the excavated volume. In pix4d, in the volume calculations, I didn’t find indications on how to refer to inclined planes, but only to the plane parallel to XY (upper or lower). Does this possibility exist in pix4d? thanks and good continuation

Hi @mario.brustia,

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What you want to do with PIX4Dmapper in this case should be similar to how the volume of stockpiles is calculated. What I recommend you do is have two projects in PIX4Dmapper, one for each point cloud and identify at what height you can define a common surface base for both point clouds. The defined base must be low enough in altitude to cover the base of the slopes in both point clouds. Once the common base is defined, calculate the cut volume above the base surface for both slopes. Later you will be able to compute the difference between both cut volumes.

This is a slightly more laborious way, but it can work in your case if you pay attention to the details.

I hope this information was helpful for you.

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Thanks Heydi,
a bit laborious and, above all, having to load two projects at the same time becomes very heavy for the office pc. It would be nice if the procedure used to calculate the positive volumes in the same project could also be converted for the negative volumes.
Thanks anyway for the idea.
Good continuation